Duality brings the curves of a growing organism and contrasts it with the sharp lines of man made machinery.

The piece has the outline of flowing curves a vine makes climbing a tree. This curve is composed of several pieces, all with their individual outlines, but when joined, coalesce to form the larger smooth shape. Superimposed is a synthetic machine, decidedly unnatural, but performing a function profoundly connected to the natural world, tracking the passing of a day.

In machinery, gears are normally hard, sharp edged, metal whose entire form is determined by the most efficient execution of their function. By making these shapes from wood and allowing their form to show their organic origin, we are bringing an element of nature back into the life of the machine. You can hear it in the running of the gear works.

The exposed gear works shows all the operations of the piece. Its methodical operation is captivating to observe.



Pictured is the artist’s proof of Duality. Only the finest quality wood is hand selected to guarantee a clear, superior grain and the best color. In most of the piece, quartersawn material is used for enhanced appearance. Executed in cherry, maple and sycamore it shows the wonderful grain and colors of these domestic woods. Accents are of African mahogany and bocote. Finished with lacquer, you see only the natural color of the wood which will over time, darken and develop a lovely patina.

All parts of Duality are made by hand. More than 500 hours are required for making one sculpture. The detailing of the several hundred parts that make up Duality is extraordinary. This results in a piece that stands out for its craftsmanship, originality and rarity.

Duality is a limited edition. By request, custom versions can be made using other woods provided their grade, width and cut are obtainable. Contact Mission Peak Studio for quotations and requests.

Duality is shown in the following fine galleries:

Gallery M in Half Moon Bay, CA
Wild Horse Gallery in Steamboat Springs, CO




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