April 20, 2011
I've had several requests for a video showing the movement of the gears and the sound the sculpture makes.  This is a clip from a recent taping session.  If you listen closely, you can discern the four contacts the escape wheel and pallets make as the pendelum completes one cycle.  But what I like most is the rhythm the wood makes.

July, 2011
Sometimes its hard finding the galleries showing Duality in the website. I have them listed at the end of the product page and I thought it would be a good idea to list them here, too.

Gallery M in Half Moon Bay, CA

The gallery shows museum-quality, hand-crafted custom wood furniture, wood art and wood accessories. It is the best gallery of its class in northern California.

Wild Horse Gallery in Steamboat Springs, CO

Wild Horse Gallery of Steamboat Springs offers fine contemporary realism by local, regional, and nationally known artists. They feature original oil paintings, etchings, bronze sculpture, turned wooden bowls, jewelry and limited edition prints on canvas.  


Mission Peak Studio • Fremont, CA
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